Me, I’m a big dog kind of girl.  Give me a big slobbery Saint Bernard over a Shi Tzu any day.  Don’t get me wrong, Shi Tzu are a beautiful breed and I never met one I didn’t like, but I never met one I really loved either.  And that goes for most toy dogs.   I’m sure there are many out there who will swear up and down that their Yorkshire Terrier is as calm as the days are long, and that’s great for them, but the tenacity and independence that accompanies most toys is just not for me.  Sadly though I’ve lived in a condo for most of my life where a large dog can hardly flourish.  Now, I never regretted a single day with my family’s Yorkiepoo, but that’s not to say I never dreamed of one day owning a goofy, affectionate Golden Retriever.

Then I moved out.  Then I got Elsa…

I admit, with a hint of embarrassment, that the first thing that attracted me to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was it’s sweet sweet face.  And I admit, with heaps of embarrassment, that the first time I even saw one was on Sex and the City.  Yeah.  Then on what began as an ordinary day, I met a little tricolor girl on the street…If it were possible to kiss someone to death that dog would have killed me.  I was already smitten and squealing about what a sweet dog she was when her owner said…wait for it…”They’re really just like small Golden Retrievers”.  And the rest is history.

Just for fun, I took’s dog breed selector quiz and the results were:

99% Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever(Interesting! I never though of owning one but I’ll have to learn more about the breed)

98% Brittay (a breed I hope to own someday)

98% Golden Retriever

98% Labrador Retriever (No surprise on these last two)

97% Flat Coated Retriever

97% Field Spaniel

96% Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (96% is pretty good!)