My little angel has Bordetella.  What started as a dry, hacking cough escalated to a sleepless night of vomiting.  When I called the vet in the morning he answered without a doubt that it was Kennel Cough and I absolutely couldn’t believe it.  Not only did she just get that vaccine but I never fail to ask any dog owners we come across if it’s okay for the pups to meet “because she is still a puppy and hasn’t had all her vaccines”.  I am truly disappointed- in myself for not being more protective, and with these other dog parents who a.) don’t care about the welfare of other dogs or b.) don’t pay enough attention to their own dogs to recognize the symptoms of illness.  I can’t imagine not noticing Bordetella.  The first time Elsa “coughed” my heart temporarily stopped and I felt the blood leave my face.  It’s the same feeling I get when she yelps in pain or whines for attention.

Maybe I’m being harsh but look at this sad little face…

Now she has to wait two weeks before she can play with her puppy friends.

A little loopy from her meds.