Thanksgiving has come and gone and as with every year, I am feeling especially pleased with my life.  Obviously I am thankful for my dog but moreso I am thankful that Elsa is my dog.  I would have fallen in love with any pup I brought home but to me, she is really something special- my best friend, companion, consistent source of laughter and entertainment, my little girl.


It was about one year ago that I started researching and interviewing breeders and it was a long road from there to prepare myself and the people in my life for Elsa.  Would I have preferred an AKC registered breeder: yes, but the woman I chose seemed to care more for the welfare of her puppies and the breed than anyone else I spoke to.  Would I have preferred a Blenheim Cavalier: One year ago,yes.  But I’m so glad I didn’t get one because over time I started falling in love with wholecolor Cavs and was over the moon when I was paired with my black and tan.  Besides at that moment it would have hardly mattered- She is everything I ever dreamed of, no matter what color she is.


And most of all I am grateful for her that she is brave.  That she has people and animals to play with and that to her (which is sadly untrue for many dogs) people have never represented anything other than love and affection.   That she doesn’t know abuse or neglect and never will if I have anything to do with it.  And I am grateful that she has me, because I can’t imagine anyone in the world loving her more than I do.

What are you thankful for?