For a while now I’ve been looking for a warm winter coat for Elsa with a harness opening in back…it has proven incredibly difficult (seriously, don’t people walk their dogs with harnesses?).  We finally found it at Teckelklub, a Canadian company that sells functional, no frill, reflective and 100% waterproof dog apparel.  We bought the Highland for the added coverage of the chest area, but the Sierra also has a harness hole and they will add one to the Trench for just $5 extra- the latter two have more color options if that’s your thing.  For $10 extra we got Elsa’s name embroidered on the back.  Unfortunately, if, like Elsa,  your dog uses an EZ-walk harness, the clasp is too far back for these coats but the Dog Whisperer step-in harness fits perfectly underneath.

Here she is:

As an added bonus, the staff at Teckelklub is incredibly friendly.  I called to check on the status of my order and as soon as I said my name the guy replied, “Oh yes, I remember that order it was sent out a few days ago”.  What’s more is that they called me a few days later to see if the coat arrived, which it had.  We will definitely be ordering from this company in the future.

You can see here the extra velcro strap across her chest.  And her adorable smushy face.

Also, do you think the universe is just telling me to move to Canada?