My little family of three recently relocated to Central Jersey and until we find an apartment of our own, we are staying with my Mother in Law. While living with in-laws is difficult enough, my real concerns lie in leaving Elsa with her during the day, while I’m at work.  For starters I don’t feel confident in her ability to take care of animals, based on the treatment of their late Labrador and the fact that the “stray” cat she cares for is the most morbidly obese feline tottering around the neighborhood.  Also though, I fear (and this is so embarrassing that I’m cringing  even as I type) that with all the time they’ll be spending together, Elsa will begin to love my MIL more than me.  Is that terribly childish?  I mean, you would think that my position in her life would be solidified by now, but after all don’t rehomed dogs relearn their loyalties?

I know some of you have children and all of you have dogs, so have you ever felt the awful pang of jealousy?  My comfort is in knowing this situation is only temporary.