When I imagine, in my mind’s little eye, myself walking a dog down the street, it’s almost always with something sleek and sporty like a Pharaoh Hound or Weimaraner.  Never did I imagine such a genteel, delicate looking pup like Elsa at my side.  I’ve mentioned that I’m not particularly drawn to small dogs- being myself an avid hiker, biker, and camper, their little legs and lap-loving personalities just don’t suit me.  I got a Cavalier because I had heard that they are the closest in personality to a large dog breed that you can get in a little dog-being, at heart, spaniels and therefore natural sportsman…and boy did she surpass my expectations.

For all that luxurious hair and the darling baby face, she is still an athlete!

The girl lives for fetch.  I wish anything made me as happy as fetch makes her.  After we play outside for hours, we come inside and I have to keep throwing a toy for her from one end of the couch to the next, from the top of the bed to the bottom, from the kitchen to the dining room.