and Pharaoh Hound is in!

I was scared to look for one because of my obsession with the second dog’s size but this decision really does come down to temperament and sadly the Toller isn’t for us.  However, we are thrilled to reconsider the Pharaoh Hound!

Happy Holidays, friends!

*Update: Toller is back in and Brittany is out!  It was so silly of me to rule out Tollers when they are the breed I just keep going back to.  Also I’ve been in contact with multiple breeders and they assure me that the breed adapts to its situation and a companion/show Toller would be a great addition to my family while the high-drive, ego-centric Tollers I keep hearing about are generally raised to be that way by hunters.  Brittanies are a lovely breed but honestly, they don’t make the hair on the back of my neck stand up the way NSDTRs and Pharaoh Hounds do.

*Update: You guys, don’t even listen to me ever.  This is such a hard decision, nothing is ruled out yet!