We all know Cavaliers have a little droop to their jowls.  We also know they love to  rub all over your face.  But if you’ve never experienced this first hand you aren’t aware of the very specific odor that emanates from those deliciously floppy lips.  What’s more is, the scent lingers.  On more than one occasion John will come to kiss me and halting, will say, “Your face smells like jowls.” Romantic.  Sometimes too I’ll be driving to work after Elsa gives me a big wet goodbye and I’ll get a quick whiff of it.  The strange thing though is I kind of love it.  I have a dog who is affectionate enough to get very up close and personal and damnit  I will wear her stink with pride!

Is there anything weird you love about your dog?

Look at those wrinkly lips.

The face only a mother could love.