This weekend I dog sat for a coworker’s Shi-Poo in order to get an idea what it would be like to have a second dog in the house.  The disappointing verdict? I hated it.  I was sure I would be a natural at juggling two dogs but mostly I just wanted him to leave.  I love dogs but I don’t love every dog.  And I didn’t love Oreo.  Despite being adorable, he’s not my dog and not how I would ever raise my dog to be.  I guess I didn’t consider that when I offered to sit him.  Some part of me, I think, expected the situation to click , but instead of feeling like he fit perfectly into our little family, I felt more like he was intruding.  Considering we have a new puppy coming in 7 weeks(yikes!) you can imagine the weekend left me more than a little discouraged.Image

But that doesn’t mean my second dog won’t complete our family.  Oreo is established.  He’s four year old and has his own family that he probably missed terribly.  It’s no wonder he acted out and even bullied Elsa a little.  But I just know that when the puppy comes, free of any preconceived notions, full of curiousity and wonderment at the brand new world, he will love Elsa for her often overly friendly ways that Oreo disliked.  He will learn from her how to play and cuddle and love.  I feel, in my heart, so confident that this is the right move for us and that Elsa will make an amazing big sister.

*Update: Oreo has grown on me so much I don’t want to say goodbye to him.  Damnit, why do dogs have to be so easy to love?