Elsa never went to obedience school.  I take pride in the fact that I spent the time and energy to train her myself-but I’m not perfect which means neither is she.  Don’t get me wrong, as far as I’m concerned she is the ideal dog,  but there is one thing for which many of you would reprimand me if you saw.  Elsa pulls on her leash when we walk.  I mean really pulls to the point of leaping in place when the leash is pulled tight.  You know what else? I couldn’t care less.

Look at the unbridled energy! You think I can calm that completely?

Loose leash walking is not that important to me.  The girl weighs eleven pounds so I’m not worried she will pull free from me, and even if she did, her recall is excellent.  And I’m not convinced that a dog who pulls is striving for dominance-as every book would have you believe- because Elsa is the most submissive dog I know.  She’s just very excited to be outside and very  curious about every person, car, squirrel, and leaf that passes her.  I wouldn’t dream of curbing that excitement! I’d be more concerned if she ran away, was aggressive with children or never house broke.  And I’d be really concerned if she wasn’t such a mushy ball of love and affection.  Are there any behavioral issues that sort of take the back burner for you?