Please, if you don’t know every detail of a dog breed don’t be offensive in learning.  Cavaliers can come in a wide variety of sizes.  The Breed Standard says 13 to 18 lbs but most of the dogs I’ve seen have been much larger than that and little ol’ Elsa is only 11 lbs.  She was the smallest in her litter and was so tiny when we got her that we didn’t even think she’d reach double digits in her weight.  We are proud of our girl! Of course I didn’t pick her for her size, as I’ve said the breeder actually matched us up(and boy, did she do well!).  Still though I seem to get the same question every  time we are out and about.   “Oh is she a teacup?” I hate this question.  It not only means that their are people out there breeding novelty Cavaliers (and likely other breeds as well) and marketing them as “teacup” but also that you made a snap judgement about me that undoes all of my hard research for a good breeder-one that says my first requirement in a dog was “cute”.  What’s more is by asking at all you are forcing me to explain that she was the runt of her litter, a description that sounds like a disability.  Dogs fall out of the breed standard all of the time but when  you begin to select for traits outside of what several world organizations-organization which were actually created to promote the preservation and continuation of purebreds-deem correct and sound, you open the puppies up to a whole host of health issues.  Please don’t breed dogs smaller than they ought to be.  If you want a dog under 10 lbs, get a Yorkie, or a Chihuahua, but please don’t buy a “teacup” and if that Chi that was predicted to be four pounds grows up to be an anomaly at 11 lbs, please, please love him any way and please don’t treat him as if he has disappointed you.

Elsa obviously doesn’t care she’s a whole lot smaller than this guy.