Another question I get asked so often  occurs after someone inquires about Elsa’s breed.  Usually they’ll follow my answer with “Not a purebred though, right?” While it isn’t so important to me to have a purebred, I find the question really offensive.  I think it has to do with the fact that Elsa is black and tan and most people have only ever seen Blenheim Cavaliers. People don’t readily accept differences in dogs.  I’ve heard the question asked to a lady who frequents our dog park with a fox red, Dudley Lab.  People usually ask when she says “Lab” if he is mixed with a Vizsla.  Just like I’m forced to tell people Elsa is a runt, she is forced to point out that no, her dog is not a hybrid but actually has a genetic mutation.  That certainly doesn’t stop him from being as playful and fast as the other labs, but nevertheless, it isn’t a position in which we should put our fellow dog owners.  We don’t owe you any explanation.  We love that our dogs are different.  Think about it, would you ever ask someone, “but your son isn’t 100% Hispanic, right?”.  Accept their answer gracefully and indulge your curiosity on Google later.

Long ears, natural point. There must be some kind of Spaniel in there…

Royal bearing with a touch of goofiness? Yup she’s a Cavalier.