We met another Black and Tan Cav the other day! I know that doesn’t seem like  anything to shout about but black and tan happens to be the least popular color in Cavaliers and in my park, where Golden Doodles rule, I never expected to see another one (though I’m sure Jen and Katie will agree, b&t is one of the best color combos out there  ; )

Meet P.J.

He is a certified therapy dog, an agility enthusiast, and a total sweetheart.  They hit it off instantly.

His owner was lovely as well and really made me think- I have to step up and do more with Elsa.  Fable will be my hunting sidekick and (hopefully) a show dog, where Elsa has been a most excellent companion and my own personal therapist.  Don’t get me wrong, she rocks at those jobs but I think she would really love and excel at agility.  The girl lives to run and is fast as can be.  I’ll be looking into places to take her this Fall…