It’s gorgeous Indian Summer here in New Jersey but things are very dark in our household.  Fable is really sick.  We landed ourselves in the emergency vet at about 2:30 Saturday morning, in the middle of a series of cluster seizures that will haunt my dreams for the rest of my days.  36 hours and all of our money later, we brought our boy home with no more answers than we began.  He is on a pretty serious dose of Phenobarbital but still displaying some ticks and “air biting”.  A couple of the doctors suspect distemper and have made clear that in that event we should prepare ourselves for the worst… but I can’t let my heart believe that just yet, especially considering his only symptom is the seizures.  All we know for now is that our beautiful ten week old baby is not well and we are aching for him.  I wasn’t even going to post until the ordeal was over, one way or the other, but it’s become clear that this could be a very long journey for us.

Please kiss your dogs.