Small wonder the Cavalier’s nickname is the “comfort spaniel”.  I can’t imagine any of us would have survived these weeks without Elsa’s quiet endearments and  inexplicable, gentle puppy understanding.  It has shown great strength on her behalf because we have noticed clearly that she herself is in mourning.  Despite that stressful first week, she and Fable became fast friends and his absence has affected her just as it has us.  We’ve learned from our loss though, and will never miss an opportunity to cuddle, play, or tell her we love her.  We dedicated this gorgeous first day of Autumn to healing and to Elsa-our heart and our savior, the bright shining light in this darkest of episodes.

Elsa came to life in the fresh ocean air.

She laughed

And we laughed with her

She pranced

And pleaded for the ball

dubbed the “fastest dog I’ve ever seen” by a kindly woman and “so cool” by a young guy.

To the future.  And to Fable’s sweet memory.  We’re gonna be okay.