As usual Elsa’s kind heart and adventurous spirit have pulled me out of my hole. Fall is in full swing and October already holds a lot of promise.  We hit the pumpkin patch this weekend for some cold cider, cool breezes, and deep belly laughs.

Elsa John and I are all so close, and as blue as I have been feeling and all of the struggles I have written of here, apply to them as well.  They have been suffering right along with me and have shown a hell of a lot more strength and courage than myself.  I hope, in my depths of my heart, that I have brought them even a fraction of the comfort and joy they have brought to me in these trying times.  They are the reasons I wake up in the morning.

And I’d like to thank all of you too.  Those of you who commented here or messaged me your stories, most of who I never even knew were visiting us here- sharing with me your experiences of loss and recovery have helped me immensely in my loneliness and my heart ache.  I know it is hard to drudge up past pains but I will never ever forget your kindnesses.  Thank you so so much.