Last Saturday John and I kissed Elsa so long and hopped a train to NYC for the AKC’s annual Meet the Breeds event.  Our hope was to determine what our next dog would be (which we did) but all in all the day turned out to be a huge disappointment.  I had a list of about ten breeds in my pocket that we went specifically to meet and only two were actually in attendance- Vizslas and GSPs.  While some on our list were purely for novelty, to ooh and ahh over, like the Tibetan Mastiff and  Czech Vlack,  others I really would like to have seen in person and to have talked with owners or breeders, particularly the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and the Bracco Italiano.  However it was nearly impossible to talk with the owners anyway since it was so. crowded.  I mean photographers elbowing you in the back, kids getting under your feet, nobody looking where they are going, everybody grumpy- crowded.  For those of us interested in learning and not just smooshing puppy faces, it was not ideal and we have previously had better luck at dog shows.  What also irked me was the fact that obviously every breed put their best example forward.  There were a lot of families there, many probably looking for the right kind of dog to add to their family and all they were seeing were a lot of adorable, well behaved, docile pups, and not the truest representation of each breed.  For example, one of the most crowded stations belonged to the Chow- cute as hell but notoriously aloof and irritable-not really the best starter dog.  I hope so sincerely that everyone there goes home and does their research before committing to a new family member.

It wasn’t all bad though.  I did meet some breeds for the first time and even found myself smitten with a few breeds I would have never considered (Oh Kooikerhondje, how you stole my heart) .  What’s more is I never tire of seeing my all time favorites (I’m lookin at you Borzois!) and frankly, I can’t be too miserable if I’m surrounded by a zillion dogs.  I managed to get a few shots but the lighting was terrible and did I mention it was crowded?  It was hard to get a picture without some strangers arm/head/camera in the way.

John likes anything long and short so the Corgis and Vallhunds were a real treat for him.  In fact we’ll probably be adding one of the two to our family sometime in the next ten years.

We all know I love Pharaoh Hounds, sadly I just don’t see where one would fit into our lives right now…

Some good jowls.

Giant Elsa?Happy Flattie

Really cool dude.


In the end I would not recommend the show to anyone trying to find their next dog, but if you’re into purebreds and just looking for something kind of cool to do in the city, by all means check it out next time.