Elsa is crazy about fetch.  She has a basket full of all kinds of toys (chew, tug, interactive) but all she uses them for are games of fetch.  She will bring me a toy have me throw it a few times, then go grab another toy until all of her toys are all over the living room floor.  Now and then we will actually let her play with a ball.  We have to keep it to a minimum because tennis balls are maddening to Elsa.  She becomes a dog possessed.  She won’t ever walk away from playing with one and if you take too long to throw it she sits in front of you with her teeth chattering!  Once, on a chilly day at the beach we noticed Elsa was cold and decided to head home for a warm bath.  When she saw that we were putting her ball away she started running up to all the other dogs and owners on the beach trying to entice them to share their balls.  It’s hilarious.  So I’m thinking that this Christmas I might just buy her like 30 small Kong tennis balls and let her go nuts.

I always post pictures of her running so here are some of her face while she waits for a pitch.  Notice the absolute focus in her eyes.    

We’ve had a lot going on but I am going to try to get back to regular posting.  Thanks for bearing with us.