I’m very excited to do my first real review, especially since it is for a company that I really stand behind.  Elsa has been eating The Honest Kitchen* since the day I brought her home and we put Bardia on it immediately after he got sick last month.  It’s a great compromise to home cooked food since essentially it is dehydrated fruits, vegetables and meats.  According to their website “All our ingredients are chosen directly form the human food chain – this is a requirement for entry into the human food facility where our products are made. Each of our diets are carefully blended to encompass a broad array of amino acids, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes to help achieve and maintain optimum health. Production occurs in a FDA inspected human food facility right here in in the USA.”  It’s true, the list of ingredients put my daily salad to shame.  My pups eat Preference because I like the versatility of being able to add whatever meat product I like.  What’s more is I can keep it gluten free for Elsa but add some quinoa or brown rice to Bardia’s since he is still growing and can use the extra calories.  We’ve tried all of their grain free-gluten free options though and Elsa has loved every one of them.


A few weeks ago The Honest Kitchen was kind enough to send me some samples, one of their dehydrated chicken/quinoa mix Thrive, a box of Pecks treats and their supplemental tea Lithe.  Since I have the two least picky dogs in the universe and knew they would eat whatever I put in front of them, I decided to do something a little fun with the Thrive.  THK website has a section for recipes using their food as well as their own recipe book which includes some recipes that humans can also enjoy.  I made little cupcakes made from Thrive, eggs, yogurt and honey.  You can imagine the gang went nuts over them.  The Pecks, made from buffalo and blueberries, I requested for Elsa’s agility but they are perfect for training Bardia as well.  They are small and crunchy and only .6 calories per peck!  Pretty ideal when you’re handing out so many.  Weight is always something I keep an eye on in our house, with all of a Cavalier’s health problems, it’s very important not to surround the heart with excess fat.  The tea was the only thing that the dogs were a little wary of.  They wouldn’t drink it straight so what I ended up doing was straining it and freezing it into ice cubes which did the trick.  I’m hoping it will still have the intended effect over time, which is to support healthy joints and bones.


What more can I say?  My dogs are shiny, healthy, full of boundless energy, well muscled and trim.  I gotta believe their food has something to do with that.

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*The Honest Kitchen did not pay me to do this review nor did I promise them that it would be good.  All opinions are mine and the dogs.