Elsa has only switched harnesses once in her life because she outgrew her first one.  Bardia, at 11 months old, has had about 7.  He grew out of a few of them, sure.  He chewed through a couple others- one while we were driving through the mountains of upstate New York, with no place to pull over.   While he enjoyed the freedom of nonchalantly hopping around the Explorer, we prayed to our maker.  The most recent rotation of harnesses, though, has been due to the fact that my main man over here has become quite the escape artist.  He’s discovered that if I’m not looking, say picking up after Elsa on a walk, he can bow down and back out of it in a hot second.  What’s more is he tends to execute this stunt at most unsafe and inopportune places, i.e. at busy intersections, crowded parks, etc.  taking years off my life and putting me right on the path to some early gray hairs.  Luckily though, we seem to have found THE ONE.


The Ruffwear Webmaster Harness.  http://www.ruffwear.com/Web-Master-Harness_2?sc=2&category=1131.  This harness not only wraps around the chest and rib-cage, like most, but the belly area as well, really hugging the dog.  Meant for assisting dogs over obstacles while hiking, the secure fit discourages any escape.  Since we do use it for hiking as well, the bright red color is ideal for this time of year when hunters are about.  The straps are well cushioned also for the comfort of dogs (like mine) who pull or perform vigorous activities such as running or biking alongside their master and the handle gives me extra control if he gets rowdy at the sight of prey.  As the description on the website says “It makes everything easier”.  I can’t begin to describe the relief of being able to just walk my dog and enjoy the walk- worry free. DSC_2146