Bardia will be one year old next month and, so long as the vet says he’s in tip top shape, I plan on beginning a biking regimen with him.  Of course I can’t be expected to leave my best girl at home though so I’ve been researching ways to bring her along.  You see, Cavaliers are kind of in a weird weight range, being essentially, large-small dogs.  Even Elsa, who is small for a Cavalier, being between 11 and 12 lbs tops out the weight limit (10lbs) for most carriers and baskets.  That being said, she’s much too small to run alongside a bike, though she does jog with Bardia and myself and we usually tire long before her- all those hours of fetch have made her a running fool.  Another options is a trailer but I feel that will be too cumbersome and also a little lonely being so far back from the action… so back to the basket.

A few options that I’ve found for dogs over 10lbs include

The DoggyRide Cocoon Basket


This seems like the best option, but to be entirely honest, I purchased their trailer earlier this year for both dogs and have yet been able to fully assemble or attach it to my bike.  The directions are unclear and every time I get close, I find I need to order a new part.  The thing has cost me a fortune and it’s just sitting in my closet.  While the Cocoon looks much easier to handle, the experience has turned me off of this company a bit.

The Basil Pasja rear mount basket.

Aesthetically beautiful and comes in a medium and large size.  However, the reviews on Amazon make me worry as to the safety.

And finally the Buddy Rider  I really love the idea of having Elsa right up front with me, so I can see her and she can feel the wind in her ears.  I wish there were more reviews online though and I worry about the lack of protective covering.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, guys!  Have you ever taken your small dog biking?  Have you tried any of these products?