You all know my thoughts on spaying/neutering too young. I never got much slack for it with Elsa because she’s a girl and, well, you couldn’t tell either way. With Bardia, it’s quite apparent that he’s in tact and I can’t seem to dodge questions on the subject. The biggest of course being “when will you have the procedure done?” I usually just say “eventually” but lately I’ve been so fed up with the judgement behind the question that I spit back “never!”. It’s my business when I have it done and as long as he’s not raping your in tact female or causing any of the other mischief people seem to think is fueled by balls, you don’t get to ask. He’s not always the best behaved dog at the park(water bowl thief anyone?) but he doesn’t have a dominant nor aggressive bone in his body and the fact that he’s a little kooky is sure to have more to do with the fact that he’s a Sporting puppy, than that he has all of his original parts. I’ve even started lying about his age (9months) or just implying that he’s younger saying “Oh, he’s not old enough yet” which makes me feel a little like a jackass, but hey my dog deserves to be there too and I’d rather it not be such a stressful ordeal to let my dog run his crazies off. So do me a favor and stop talking about my dog’s balls.