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So we’ve talked about the little quirks we love about our dogs, and also how we are failing them as parents.  But what about those habits of theirs that really get your goat.  Now now, I know that we all exercise additional patience with our dogs- Hell, I’m actually working with a personal trainer to find ways to better my dogs while still being the soft spoken wimp that I am. My first lesson is to try not to laugh when Bardia does something bad.  That being said, there are definitely certain behaviors I could live without.

Both of my dogs beg for food.  Elsa takes it to a new level though.  She will sit beside me and actually use her paw to pull my hand toward her and try to eat off my fork.  When that doesn’t work she will casually crawl into my lap to lay down, and then subtly crane her neck toward my plate to lick whatever she can.


She also loves to wipe her eye boogers on me.  It’s gross.


Mornings with Bardia are a struggle.  He wakes up unfailingly at 6am every day- weekends and holidays included.  Then he proceeds to cause a raucous throughout the house until he and I go for a run or one of us humans leaves for work.  These actions include pacing through the house while mildly whimpering at nothing, repeatedly stealing shoes, hairbrushes, pens etc. from whatever room we leave open, and knocking on the door to go outside 9 billions times. Again, this behavior is entirely confined to the first two hours of the day.


Bardia is also very jealous.  He does not like me kissing Elsa, or John, or hugging my mom or petting strange dogs and will actively jump between me and these things.



So spill! Does your dog have any less-than-charming habits?



If there’s one thing I can say for sure in this life it’s that no one is perfect (IDK maybe Beyonce is?  She seems to have her shit down).  Not our dogs and certainly not us pup-parents.  Some days it’s really hard raising those fur butts- we’re tired, they’re acting out, we’re pressed for time, or sometimes we’re just being stupid and lazy.  But we all have our faults, here are a few of mine.


For starters, I wait too long in between nail trimmings.  I know how important it is to keep your dog’s nails short and neat but hot damn are they just awful at sitting through trimmings.  It’s like I need to wake up and accept that half of the day will be spent struggling through something that is horrible to all involved.  So I put it off as long as I can.

I sometimes forget to brush their teeth…and sometimes I just don’t do it.  Again, I KNOW how important dental hygiene is but some nights, it just isn’t worth the struggle of trying to force my fingers into their mouths.

I get grumpy and impatient when they take too long to poop.  Especially in these frigid months.  DSC_0415

Every now and then, I’ll ignore their pleas to play.  Yeah, I’m the worst.  Most of the time, thinking about coming home to play with them is all that gets me through the day.  But other times,  I’m so exhausted I just want to crash on the couch and watch Netflix until my face falls off.  Lucky for me, they usually accept a good cuddle in place of play.  

I reward bad behavior.  Like when they are begging for my food and I just give them some to get them off my back.  Did I mention I’m the worst?


What are some parenting mistakes you make with your dogs?


I know some dogs are lazier than others but when it comes down to it, all dogs need exercise.   Just as with us humans the benefits to their health and general well being are countless.  While our two preferred methods are running and fetch, there are of course days when it’s impossible for us to get outside.  This Winter alone we’ve seen blizzards, temps below zero, and I’ve been nursing some knee issues on and off.  Now we’re entering the rainiest season of the year and it won’t be long before temperatures climb into the triple digits.  Needless to say we have to get creative with our entertainment and exercise now and then.

First of all there is tug-of-war! I know this option isn’t for everyone, particularly dogs who get aggressively possessive.  Some people will also tell you not to let your dog “win”.  All I can say is know your dog, read the signs and quit if things get ugly.  But if your dog can handle it and enjoys it, tug can work a lot of muscles your dog rarely gets to utilize.  My dogs love it.  What’s more is a lighthearted game of tug is often encouraged in puppyhood to strengthen the bond between dog and human!


The  FitPAWS-Peanut  While this won’t necessarily tire your dog out quite as much as cardio, it’s a great option for strength training your dog between cardio sessions as well as rehabilitating injured or aging dogs.

The Chase-It  This one might require you to move some furniture around if you have a big dog or a tiny space but it’s so worth it if your dog has any kind of prey drive.  In fact this is the first “game” that Elsa and Bardia participated in together.  It’s irresistible to my guys.  If we can get outside I swing it around so they can chase at full speed.  Inside I either bounce it around sporadically so they have to hop and dodge or I just run through the house dragging it on the ground.


Agility.  Many agility classes have indoor options for inclement weather or easily distracted dogs.  Even if you don’t plan to compete, this is such a fun option for a hobby.  Not only will it keep your dog on point during off seasons, but they will love it and you two will be closer than ever.

There you have it! Now, I’d love to hear, how do you keep your dog happy when stuck indoors?

Today I woke up to the best text message anyone who hates their job can receive, “No need to come in today”.  One peek outside revealed a world that looked like thisDSC_4916this DSC_4912and thisDSC_4915 I love a good snow day.  Slow lazy mornings, drinking sweet milky tea in my pajamas, with my two best pups curled as close to me as they can possibly get.  We thought about heading outdoors…DSC_4749We bundled up, and tested out the waters,016

But playing inside seemed like a much better idea 😉DSC_4838DSC_4856This damn frog has been around since Elsa was about 4 months old.  It was a gift from our old Landlords.  It’s the rattiest, stinkiest toy in the house so naturally it is a favorite of them both. DSC_4832DSC_4854And of course, we did lots of laying around.  DSC_4772 DSC_4823 How did you all enjoy your snow day?

Dear BarkBox,

Thank you so much for the R2P you included in this month’s BarkBox.  You know, the big red toy that looks like a cross between a fire hydrant and a football?  Bardia just loved it! Man, you guys must really know dogs over there.  I’m not so sure you’ve ever met a human though.  In fact, I’m not convinced you are humans yourselves, because surely no human, having heard the noise this toy makes, would inflict it upon another human.  You see, the R2P hasn’t even been in our house for 24 hours and it’s already driving me quite batty.  Please, allow me to elaborate.  I arrived home around 8pm last night to our BarkBox sitting at the front door.  I promptly gave Bardia his new toy which he played with ferociously for a whole 5 minutes before I had to take it away, not being able to withstand the caterwauling it produced after a long hard day at work.  I put it on top of the refrigerator where the dog couldn’t reach it.  That sure as hell doesn’t mean he didn’t try though, reaching upward, knocking down all of the pictures and magnets.  Now, normally that would have been enough for him.  He would have sneaked off stealthily with a magnet in his mouth or shred up a beloved family photo on the spot.  Not this time though. Not with the magic red toy just a little higher up.

Of course this tugged at my weak human heartstrings so I offered him another five minutes with it before I would put it away for good.  Luckily he can’t read a clock because 5 minutes was probably more along the lines of 97 seconds.  I moved it to the laundry basket behind the closed door of the linen closet.  Sure he cried and scratched at the door for a minute or two but quickly forgot about it.  I was not so lucky.  Just the knowledge that the toy was still in the house was enough to reproduce the noise in my mind all throughout the night.  Of course, it didn’t take long the next morning before one of us made the dire mistake of throwing new clothes into the hamper.  Bardia must have remembered where we put it (or perhaps he too heard the tell tale football) because  like a bat out of hell he was racing through the house with the toy in his mouth.  We heard the squawking before we even knew what happened.

You know something though, BarkBox, I think my dog may be even more human than you, because before I accidentally smothered myself by piling one too many pillows over my head to shield my senses, he destroyed the R2P himself.  That’s right, tore it to shreds.  Thanks anyway, it was a valiant effort on your behalf…or a diabolical plan, in which case I salute you, evil genius Overlords, and I’ll obey you ’til the end 😉  Can’t wait for next month’s box.



DSC_4612DSC_4449 DSC_4605  DSC_4620

Listening to the radio this morning they were talking about how people allow their cats and dogs to lick their faces,  knowing full well that those animals lick their own nether regions, eat poop, drink toilet water, etc.   While I keep a very clean house, having grown up with dogs I never was a germaphobe.   I share my bed with my dogs, kiss them as much as they kiss me, and I’ve been caught giving them food off my fork.  But a recent experience made me wonder if maybe I’m a little too comfortable with my dogs.  You see, I’ve been really tired lately.  I hate complaining about it because literally every single person in the world is tired (it’s just the modern age)  but this past month has really whooped my ass.  So a few nights back I woke up in the wee hours of the morning, rolled over and saw the stuffed squirrel from one of those ‘hide-a-squrrel’ toys on the floor.

It should be said that it was very dark and I have very bad eyes and did I mention that I’ve been really effing tired.  My first thought was OMG A MOUSE.   I froze of course and tried to think of what was in my reach that I could smash it with while I waited for it to run off.   When it never did, I relaxed and thought, Oh it’s probably just poop,  AND THEN I WENT BACK TO BED.   About 4 minutes later I woke up, realized what I had done and leaped out of bed with hot shame and disgust to clean it up.  You can imagine my relief when I realized I haven’t quite reached that level of crazy/gross yet.  Luckily, in the real world, if either dog had to go in the middle of the night, they would not allow me to sleep.  In a better rested state I would have remembered that fact or,  you know, just gotten up to check like a normal person.  And now that I’ve shared this traumatic experience with you all I hope you can ease my conscience and share an embarrassing experience of your own!